Moraine Valley supports infusing sustainability across the curriculum to create a larger population of the workforce that understands sustainability and how it relates to their work and lives. To that end, one of Moraine Valley's general education learning outcomes is that students will recognize their legal, ethical, social, and sustainable responsibilities.

After a student has participated in sustainability-related or -focused course, the student will:

  1. Identify the ecological processes and how choices affect the environment.
  2. Demonstrate awareness of social justice and equity issues and their impact on the global population.
  3. Distinguish ethically responsible business practices.

The college deepens its commitment to teaching sustainability by providing its own faculty members with a myriad of professional development opportunities designed to teach the multidimensional concept of sustainability. At the end of their "greening of the curriculum" experience, faculty have infused sustainability into a course, either in a unit or as a lens through which to teach their course.

Sustainability Designation

Moraine Valley is developing a transcript designation for students who have chosen to complete a certain number of credits from any of the more than 25 sustainability-infused course sections. A sustainability designation will appear on their transcripts, much like an honors designation may appear for those students enrolled in honors courses.

Recycling on Campus

Moraine Valley is doing its part to minimize its environmental impact for people living today and for future generations by having an easy-to-use recycling program with all-in-one bins marked for recyclables or landfill. Special collection spots exist for chip bags, batteries, cell phones, and e-waste. Additionally, the college's Information Technology department donates all decommissioned computer equipment to in-district schools and charities.