Moraine Valley is proud to have a Center for 可持续性, which was made possible in part by the 伊利诺伊州绿色经济网络 (IGEN). IGEN is an initiative that unites the state's 48 community colleges in a joint effort to stimulate the green economy through a strategic provision of green workforce training, market transformation and community outreach.

可持续发展-图形- 250The college's commitment to sustainability is a multifaceted effort:

绿色校园 - Guides the college's operational and structural procedures and policies between the environment, 我们的人民和未来的繁荣.

绿色的职业 ——支持绿色就业培训, awareness of green businesses in the local area, and building the capacity for the community to create a local green economy.

绿色的课程 - Supports infusing sustainability across curriculum creating a larger population of the workforce that understands sustainability and how it relates to their work and lives.

绿色社区 - Serves as a resource to Moraine Valley students, staff, faculty, business members and residents.


可持续性 efforts at Moraine Valley began in the mid-1970s when the college, understanding the importance of natural resource preservation, set aside 40 acres of its campus to be preserved as a nature study area to use as a living learning lab. 多年来, faculty encouraged environmental awareness through recycling and Earth Day celebrations.

我们的 可持续性的时间表 shows historical activities and proactive leadership. This led to a formal adoption of a 校董会 Statement of 可持续发展的承诺, the foundation of a Center for 可持续性, opening in 2010 of our 西南教育中心 in Tinley Park, 我们的第一个U.S. Green Building Council LEED Certified building, obtaining a Gold Level status to the Illinois Campus 可持续性 Compact, and the Presidential commitment to campus carbon neutrality by signing Second Nature's Climate Commitment.


  • Installation of Bring Your Own Bottle Hydration Stations
  • Establishment of the campus garden from which a harvest was donated to a local food pantry.
  • Recipient of the LEED platinum designation for its 西南教育中心 in Tinley Park
  • Establishment of a sustainability task force with the signing of the Illinois Campus 可持续性 Compact
  • Achieved Gold, the highest level, in the Illinois Campus 可持续性 Compact
  • Gained Tree Campus USA status in 2010, and maintained the credential
  • Creation of awareness for the International Day of Climate Action
  • President Jenkins pledged to make the campus carbon neutral by 2042, by signing Second Nature Action Plan.

MVLA: 可持续性 Scholars Program

冰碛谷社区学院 offers award winning faculty professional development program to infuse sustainability-related content throughout and across disciplines. The college’s Center for 可持续性 provides support by coordinating initiatives/activities, 建立资源库, making connections to student organizations, bringing sustainability education to the greater community, and seeking/managing external funding to support the faculty committing to the program.